Development of green energy in Azerbaijan


Development of green energy in Azerbaijan

Development of green energy in Azerbaijan

Global warming is changing the climate of our planet, natural disasters are already occurring in those regions where they have never been heard of. Therefore, all countries of the world and leading manufacturers of solar and wind equipment are looking for opportunities to increase the share of "green" energy, make it cheaper and interest as many ordinary consumers as possible in its development.

Join Japan"s team has learned that Saudi ACWA Power and Masdar from the UAE will invest up to $400 million in solar and wind power projects in Azerbaijan.

What are the plans?

"In January we signed executive contracts with ACWA Power (Saudi Arabia) and Masdar (UAE) for construction of wind and solar power plants with a total capacity of 440 MW. Negotiations with these companies will be held in the next few months to conclude a full-fledged contract. I believe that in late 2020 we will sign contracts with them, "Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

Under the terms of the agreements, ACWA Power within the framework of a pilot project will build in Azerbaijan a wind power plant with a capacity of 240 MW.

We also learned in Join Japan that currently the share of electricity production in Azerbaijan is 91.9% due to traditional natural gas, and 8.1% due to renewable energy sources. Given the capacity of large hydroelectric power plants, the share of
renewable energy in electricity production is 17%.

The Ministry of Energy faces the task to increase the share of renewable energy in electricity production up to 30% by 2030. Production of 1 billion kWh of electricity from renewable energy sources will save 200 million cubic meters of natural gas.

At Join Japan we have 15 years of experience in creating successful business projects, and we understand how important innovative views and approaches are for development. We believe that the development of "green" energy will not only help
save the planet from disaster but also open new business opportunities.