Olive tree - is investing in the future and caring for the planet


Olive tree - is investing in the future and caring for the planet

Olive tree - is investing in the future and caring for the planet

In 2019, at the Ukrainian business conferences, the attention of the Join Japan team was attracted by the eco-project BioDeposit. And this is being done for an ulterior motive! It is astonished that its primary goal is not profit, but a positive impact on the environment.

BioDeposit is engaged in planting olives, growing, processing and selling oil. And it also allows everyone who wants to improve the world to make money on it - having bought a tree, money will be returned through the harvest, and the benefits of planting greenery will be shared by all of humanity.

How was the idea of the project born and why olives?

The creators of the project are Ukrainian businessmen who decided to combine traditional business with modern technologies, as well as revive the earth’s biosphere.

Oliva is one of the world's most profitable bio-assets. It is characterized by high liquidity and stable market demand. The cost of olive oil is consistently high. In addition, the olive tree is a long-living tree. It yielder from 400 years and more. And the climate and soil of Georgia are ideal for growing it.

Before planting the first small plantation, the creators of BioDeposit carried out large-scale work from collecting information about the olive industry in Transcaucasia and researching olive farms in the best producing countries to studying the market.

The business proved its profitability and guys decided to scale it! As a result, Ukrainian businessmen created a tool that allows investors to manage their own olive plantations from any point of the world. This is the online platform BioDeposit.ge.

“On the platform, you can perform any operations with your assets: give, sell, buy, inherit, distribute profits, withdraw dividends and much more. The project meets all the necessary international legal standards and is fully protected from any fraud, "- told the creators of BioDeposit to the Join Japan team.

A citizen of any country in the world can become a participant in the project.

What are the warranties?

To earn investor confidence, the project founders personally answered all the skeptics in social networks, recorded video blogs and organized a competition for investors with free trips to Georgia - the owner was able to find his tree using a unique GPS code. This is unbelievable!

In addition, olive plantations are equipped with webcams through which they can observe the growth of trees from anywhere in the world.
The company has already sold nearly 2,000 trees.

According to Join Japan, a tree pays for investments ($ 75) in 2-3 years. It is very interesting that each tree is insured for free for 3 years (can be extended) thanks to the reserve fund. And they are harvesting under the supervision of an independent audit firm.

Olive owners only need to choose the dividend format - in the form of oil or money.

We believe that the BioDeposit project makes an important contribution to the restoration of the earth’s biosphere. After all, each olive produces enough oxygen to supply two people.