How did Web Summit experts rate Ukrainian startups?


How did Web Summit experts rate Ukrainian startups?

How did Web Summit experts rate Ukrainian startups?

What do you think distinguished Web Summit in 2019 from past conferences? A record number of Ukraine representatives! More than 100 Ukrainian teams brought their developments and ideas to the international technology conference in Lisbon. Join Japan team watched with interest the event and its results and is in a hurry to share its impressions.

On November 5, a closed meeting of Surf Pitch Night took place for the best Ukrainian projects - 21 teams of creators. Ideas were presented to representatives of Techstars, Startup Lisboa, The Family, and other foreign investors.

TechUkraine coordinator Natalya Veremeeva noted the excellent level of IT solutions from Ukraine and believes that the products have every chance to enter the world market. After studying several projects, the Join Japan team sees in them excellent potential for the Japanese market with proper investment and promotion.

The representative of TheFamily investment community Hugo Amsell pointed out the high level of creativity of Ukrainian startups. And Andre Costa from Startup Lisboa was amazed at how high they are already without severe financial injections.

High rates of experts were awarded:

● Clubberspot for developing unique music and entertainment solutions;
● ARena for products for virtual reality;
● Health24 for a high-tech medicine project;
● Studnote for new developments in the field of educational technologies;
● ROTheM for an unusual solution in the field of sports;
● WheelKinetic for a promising offer for public transport.

The most impressive reviews got the Nuka team with the “eternal” office and developers of the Qudi LED mask. Like the Join Japan team, investors were struck by the age of the authors of ideas. Most of them are not even 18 years old!

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