Ukrainian startup Effa and its environmentally friendly toothbrushes


Ukrainian startup Effa and its environmentally friendly toothbrushes

About 25 tons of plastic toothbrushes are discarded worldwide every year, which has a negative impact on the environment. The Join Japan team actively supports the fight for the environment. Therefore, we need to tell you about the startup Effa, which produces environmentally friendly toothbrushes.

What are Effa eco-brushes made of?

"People brush their teeth every day, but don’t think how expensive it is to nature," - says the developer of Effa, industrial designer Ilya Kichuk. For the production of plastic toothbrushes they use oil and other materials that pollute the environment. Plastic decomposes for about 500 years, all the time poisoning nature.

"The brush is made of cellulose, but not from trees. Sugar cane waste is taken for manufacture. Only one element, nylon, is not environmentally friendly. But at this stage it is recognized by the Dental Association as the most convenient," said Kichuk.

Join Japan knows that the Effa startup has several options for toothbrushes - disposable and reusable, designed for 30 days of use, and with built-in toothpaste for sale in prisons where plastic brushes are prohibited.

For several years of its existence, startup Effa has already won the Ukrainian contest Climate Launch Pad and entered the top 5 best world startups in the competition Clim@ in Germany. They were interested in Starta Accelerator in New York, and in January 2020 eco-brush was presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

In the retail market, the reusable brush will cost about $1, and it will be available for purchase next year.

Will the toothbrush be able to prevent an ecological disaster? At Join Japan, we believe that every step we take to meet eco-friendly products will make the planet a cleaner place. Therefore, we are always ready to help eco-start-ups find investors, partners and customers.