Ukrainian startup Cardiomo – monitor of your health


Ukrainian startup Cardiomo – monitor of your health

Ukrainian startup Cardiomo – monitor of your health

Scientific and technological progress contributes to the emergence of the most ambitious plans in humanity. We want to populate Mars, create AI and delegate our work to machines! But, at the same time, we often complain about the imperfections of our own body, which may fail at the most inopportune moment.

Join Japan team found out that to monitor the state of their health, as well as relatives and friends, Ukrainian developers created the Cardiomo sensor. It analyzes the work of the body and notifies the user, his relatives, or the doctor about deviations.

How was Cardiomo startup created?

Cardiomo startup appeared in 2014. Its creators were Ukrainian developers, Roman and Ksenia Belkin. Since childhood, Roman Belkin dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, and when he matured, he tried to create energy generators and various radio devices. But all of them seemed to him not good enough.

Everything changed when my mother called Roman and told me that she felt bad for several days.

“At that time, when I came up with the idea to create a device that will notify me of my mom’s health problems, I didn’t even know how large the problem was. It turned out that many diseases give signals that can be diagnosed in the early stages and, thereby, to avoid fatal consequences,” Join Japan learned from device’s author Roman Belkin.

Roman spent 18 hours per day at the computer for 3 months, trying to find out if something like that exists, how it works, and how to make his product unique.

As a result, he developed Cardiomo based on adhesive electrodes similar to a patch to cling the device just below the chest. Cardiomo connects to the phone via Bluetooth, where the application is already installed. It can also be established by a person who receives information, such as a doctor or relative.

With Cardiomo you can learn about the dynamics of the pulse, blood pressure, quality and duration of sleep, the number of steps taken, and much more.

According to Join Japan, today, the startup has $ 800 thousand of the investments. And in October this year, he received funding from the Rockstart Health accelerator and moved to the Netherlands. Rockstart Health invests € 95 thousand in Cardiomo at the beginning of the program and € 300 thousand in the process of its creation. Acceleration in German equity-free accelerator biosaxony e.V. will last a year.

Cardiomo is already preparing to receive the ISO13485 certificate and is undergoing testing to receive medical certification in Ukraine in the winter of 2020, and before the end of the year - certificates for the sale of the device in Europe and the USA.

We believe that Cardiomo will also be of interest to the Japanese. After all, in Japan, they pay much attention to health. And Panasonic company is even building a smart city Suita, in the country, which specializes in medicine, ecology, and a healthy lifestyle. And Cardiomo will be very useful here. If you find this product interesting, contact us and we will help you to approach the founders.