Smart Oasis Farm - IDA automated greenhouse for plants


Smart Oasis Farm - IDA automated greenhouse for plants

Smart Oasis Farm - IDA automated greenhouse for plants

Our Join Japan team was attracted by the projects of IDA design office. The first one that conquered us was Smart Oasis Lounge, a design with live plants. It generates drinking water independently and pours it into glasses for everyone in Dubai.

But also surprisingly new development of IDA - Smart Oasis Farm - autonomous robotic greenhouse modules, which allow growing food plants under extreme conditions.

How did you get the idea?

Join Japan learned that the company's founder Alex Prikhodko, while working on the Smart Oasis Lounge, drew attention to global water consumption.

According to him, "The agricultural sector accounts for 70% to 80% of total water consumption. To grow one tomato you need from 30 to 50 liters of water, although the tomato itself remains about 150-200 grams".

According to the author's idea, Smart Farm is a modular solution for growing food plants that are automatically watered with water obtained from air (based on the Smart Oasis Lounge principle).

At the moment Smart Oasis Farm consists of thermally insulated shipping containers. Inside it, water is converted into mist and enriched with nutrients and oxygen. This mist nourishes the roots of the plants. Full spectrum LEDs have been used for lighting.

The IDA has also created automation responsible for climate, light and nutrient management. And now it is working on robotic planting, replanting and harvesting to eliminate human error. It is planned that all processes will be monitored by a special agronomist program capable of replacing 90% of the human population.

According to the Japanese, greenhouse cultivation of food plants is one of the most rational and effective ways of farming. The state is first of all interested in rationalization of agricultural industry and pays special attention to careful use of freshwater.

Therefore, we believe that Smart Oasis Farm is quite a promising solution for Japan. And the Join Japan team can help find investors, partners and customers in the country of the Rising Sun.