What is the secret of the Japanese long-livers?


What is the secret of the Japanese long-livers?

What is the secret of the Japanese long-livers?

Japan is the country with the highest average life expectancy in the world. There is no doub about that! As we often visit Japan and see that fifty-year-old locals look like teenagers. But why is it like that? Join Japan's team is onto something.

How do experts explain the long life span of the Japanese?

In Japan, researchers from the RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Science (IMS) and Keio University School of Medicine conducted a study of the characteristics of people aged 110 and over.

By the way, Japan for the 49th time broke the record for the number of centenarians (people aged more than 100 years old). There are now more than 70,000 of them in the country. And it is amazing! The results of the study showed that Japanese centenarians or supercentenarians have a very strong immune system. Throughout their lives, they are practically immune to infectious diseases and oncology.

Scientists also performed cell analysis in five people aged 50-80 years and in seven supercentenarios. It turned out that there are fewer B-lymphocytes in the blood of long-livers, but an extremely high amount of T-cells which are cytotoxic cells that can destroy other cells that are infected with the virus, bacteria or tumors.

Dr. (IMS) RIKEN Kosuke Hashimoto told Join Japan, “T cells with the CD8 marker are usually positively cytotoxic, but cells with the CD4 marker have this status in supercentenarios. "People with an average lifespan have a small number of such lymphocytes, and they do not have the ability to destroy the infected cells."

And he added, “Further research showed that unusual CD4 cells in long-livers arose as a result of the process of clonal expansion - that is, many of these lymphocytes were produced from a single ancestor cell.”

Piero Carninci, Deputy Director (IMS) of RIKEN, notes that the conducted scientific analysis helps to understand the reason for the different susceptibilities of people to diseases.

“CD4-positive cells usually generate cytokines, and CD8 are cytotoxic. Perhaps a combination of these two features in CD4 allows super long-livers to be especially healthy. This is a new understanding of why the body of long-living people is able to protect themselves from infections and cancer. We believe that this type of cells can be used to fight known tumors,” said Piero Carninci.

We want to personally add that the longevity of the Japanese is also associated with their special approach towards life - healthy sleep, balanced nutrition, daily activity and optimism! Join Japan team also supports a healthy lifestyle and is confident that a positive outlook is always important.