Ukrainian Christmas in Tokyo


Ukrainian Christmas in Tokyo

Ukrainian Christmas in Tokyo

Many of the Join Japan team used to believe in their childhood years that if they behave themselves all year, they would receive a gift from Santa Claus on Christmas night, and in the morning they were extremely happy about receiving the long-awaited gift found under the pillow!

Just admit, doesn't it ring a bell?

Christmas in Japan, as it is already in Ukraine now, is celebrated on December 25. And we look forward to this holiday! Indeed, in both countries, national traditions are deeply ingrained!

Also, we are very glad there are so many Ukrainians living in Japan, for whom the first Ukrainian Christmas festival will be held in Tokyo on December 21-22.

What did we learn from the organizers of the festival?

“Winter holidays are perhaps the most favorite time for us Ukrainians. Wherever we are, we keep traditions! This year we have the opportunity to introduce our Japanese friends and fellows from other countries with a fascinating and vivid celebration! We invite you to the two-day festival “Ukrainian Christmas”, as representatives of the Ukrainian community in Japan “Krayan” write on their Facebook page.

Everyone is about to learn how to create charms in Ukrainian way, to cook and decorate Ukrainian dishes.

“Saint Nicholas tells fairy tales to children, and brings small gifts for the well-behaved children.

There will be an opportunity to listen and sing carols together, and many more interesting things are waiting for you on December 21 and 22, ”Join Japan was inspired by Krayan social network.

We express our sheer gratitude in organizing the festival to the Krayan community of Ukrainians in Japan, the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan, the Ukrainian Rodnichok school, the Tokyo district of Minato-ku, and the Mission of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Japan in organizing the festival.

Join Japan team knows that Japanese are fond of Ukrainian traditions and culture, and we are sure that the “Ukrainian Christmas” will be held in Japan regularly, not only in Tokyo, as such holidays should bring people together.