Japan on the front lines of the war with coronavirus


Japan on the front lines of the war with coronavirus

Japan on the front lines of the war with coronavirus

The whole world is fighting against the pandemic of coronavirus at the moment. Pharmacological companies from all over the world are working tirelessly on the development of a vaccine and medicine against COVID - 19. According to WHO about 70 countries, including Japan, have joined the process of developing COVID - 19 effective medicine.

Japan pays great attention to the development and testing of medicine against COVID-19 and intends to strengthen international cooperation with government and private institutions from other countries in order to overcome the infection. In this regard, Japan claimed it would donate Avigan, a drug that has already proven effective against serious infections, but mainly in severe cases of flu, when conventional therapy is already powerless. This Japanese drug can be effective in treating COVID -19.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on April 7 issued a decision on the provision of the mentioned drug to 20 countries, including Ukraine, through the UN. To provide every country in need with a drug, Japanese government plans to allocate $1 million from the state budget. The drug transfer procedure has already been agreed with 20 countries, including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Also, negotiations are ongoing with another 30 countries. Recipient countries are required to provide data on the result of the use of the Avigan. This way Japan decided to increase the number of clinical tests of Avigan.

There is also data that the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin, which was developed by a Japanese scientist Omura Satoshi, who won Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine, is effective in combating the new coronavirus. Researchers said that after injecting the drug into a test tube with a new coronavirus, it stopped multiplying for 48 hours. It is planned to begin the clinical tests of the drug as soon as possible..

In addition, many non-medical Japanese companies are trying to find a way to help fight the pandemic. For example, Toyota, the world-famous automobile corporation, said it would print protective medical masks on a 3D printer. Their capacity is 500-600 pieces per week. The creation of protective equipment for physicians will be mainly carried out at factories in Japan, although similar efforts are also being made at foreign branches of the company.

“Toyota will do everything possible to facilitate efforts on advanced treatment and limit the further distribution of COVID-19, which has become a top priority for society,” the company commented.

The company also announced that it would transfer its technological developments to medical companies to increase the output of their products, in particular drugs effective in combating coronavirus.

According to Join Japan, Toyota is considering using its vehicles to transport people from their homes to medical facilities or quarantine centers, so that fewer potentially infected people are in public transport or in a taxi.

We hope that with the help of scientists and socially responsible companies that devote their resources to the benefit of society, the global pandemic will soon subside.

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