Uzbekistan attracted $ 420 million to its shoe industry


Uzbekistan attracted $ 420 million to its shoe industry

Uzbekistan attracted $ 420 million to its shoe industry

As the Join Japan team knows, the leather and footwear industry is a fairly steadily developing branch of the Uzbek economy.

In 2019, the leather and footwear and fur and fur industries produced 1.4 times more products than in 2018. A total of 86.1 million pairs of footwear and leather goods worth 60 billion soums, as well as fur and scrawl products worth 69.3 billion soums were produced.

What is the future of the leather and footwear industry in the country?

Due to the optimization of imports, in 2020 it is planned to increase the level of localization of production in the industry. Up to 100% is in production of artificial leather, 92% - on the shoe sole, 84% - on sports equipment and 78% - on sports bags.

Uzcharmsanoat Association (Association of Leather, Shoe and Fur and Fur Enterprises of Uzbekistan) plans to attract 100 new enterprises of the industry to export activities by opening offices and trading houses in Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

In addition, the Uzcharmsanoat Association is pursuing a policy of supporting and encouraging enterprises to open branded stores. It is also developing multi-brand shoe shops under the auspices of the Association in all regions and the city of Tashkent, where customers can find shoes from different domestic manufacturers.

By doing so, a wide range of products in a wide price range can be stored in one place," the Uzcharmsanoat management said.
In 2019, Uzbekistan attracted $146.2m foreign investment in 90 light industry projects, Join Japan said. These are projects on production and procurement of hides, leather goods, footwear, fur and fur products, doodles and wool products. The issue of polyurethane raw materials production has been resolved with the help of investments.

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