International expansion: heading for the Polish market!


International expansion: heading for the Polish market!

International expansion: heading for the Polish market!

A certain part of Japanese businessmen appreciated the potential of the Polish market. Poland is a state of central-eastern Europe with a population of 40 mln people, only Ukraine is bigger in size. The state market is huge, and since Poland is a member of the European Union, a free trade agreement is in force in the country, half of all consumer taxes is 0%.

Expansion to Poland is an excellent option for enterprises from Japan who want to increase the turnover of Japanese food products. Poland borders on seven states, and this means that the food culture of this country is very diverse.

Japanese cuisine is very popular in this country, and no less important, the Poles pay special attention to the quality of their products.

Japanese food products are highly valued in Poland, which is an indisputable argument in favor of the fact that for Japanese entrepreneurs the market of this country will be an excellent option for expanding the sphere of influence abroad.

Of course, in addition to the food industry, Poland provides many opportunities for promoting the business. In this country, there is a rapid economic recovery, in connection with which our team is actively developing a project called "JOINJAPAN in Poland".

If you live in Poland and want to help our team in creating the Polish branch of JOINJAPAN, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to listen your suggestions.