From Japan to Europe by train


From Japan to Europe by train

From Japan to Europe by train

Russian Railways Logistics launched a new multimodal transit service “RZDL Trans-Siberian LandBridge” in May 2019. Based on a fast container transportation via port Vladivostok and the Trans-Siberian railway, the service minimizes the overall lead time from Japan to Europe and from Europe to Japan compared with traditional options - deep-sea route via Suez Canal and intermodal delivery via China. This transit service connects the port of Yokohama in Japan and Wroclaw. According to Join Japan, the train is transported from Japan to Vladivostok by ferry.

What are the benefits of the new Trans-Siberian Railway?

Trans-Siberian Landbridge route is the following: port of Yokohama - Commercial Port of Vladivostok - Transsib - Brest - Whatever destination in Europe.

Prior to the launch of the Trans-Siberian Railway, due to the complicated procedure for transporting goods across borders, almost the entire transfer was carried out by sea - through the Suez Canal, which takes about 45 days. The transportation by the railway takes only 19 days.

The service is organized by Russian Railways Logistics and the FESCO Transport Group.

Cargo transportation responsibilities are distributed between the two companies. Russian Railways Logistic took up the organization of rail transportation, and FESCO is responsible for sea delivery, handling the cargo at the port and providing container fleet.

And now we would like to share with you the history of Trans-Siberian Landbridge. It is the longest railway in the world with 9,300 km length. It was built between 1891 and 1916. Until recently this route was used mainly by North Korean and Chinese companies that trade with Europe.

Almost all freight transport between Europe and Japan is carried out by sea - this is a simple and reliable way. But we at Join Japan are confident that the Trans-Siberian Railway will facilitate communication between Europe and Japan. This will positively affect the business between Japan and European countries and Join Japan will continue to provide marketing and consulting services for you!