Bill Gates and $ 645 Million Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Yacht


Bill Gates and $ 645 Million Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Yacht

Join Japan's team recently learned that there are rumors in the network that Microsoft founder Bill Gates has purchased the world's first eco yacht Aqua, which runs on liquid hydrogen. It was valued at $645 million.

What is an eco superyacht Aqua?

Aqua is a five-deck yacht 112 meters long. It is designed for 14 passengers and 31 crew members. The yacht has a swimming pool, heliport, spa, and gym. The concept yacht was first shown at the Monaco Show in 2019.

The liquid hydrogen that powers the Aqua is located below decks in two 28-ton vacuum-insulated tanks. Chilled to -253°C, the hydrogen, when combined with oxygen, generates energy for two 1 megawatt engines. The only discharge from the yacht is water.

According to Join Japan, the yacht is capable of speeds up to 17 knots (32 km/h) and\ can swim 3750 without refueling.

Through panoramic windows, passengers can enjoy stunning views and abundant natural light. The guest cabins provide openness, luxury, and comfort, allowing you to feel extremely free in a well-designed minimalist interior in Japanese beach style.

The Owner's Bedroom is located on the axis of the yacht and offers an unobstructed view up to the bow deckhouse.

The spa has a whirlpool room, yoga studio and training room from where guests can watch the ocean.

There is a spiral staircase in the center of the yacht. It leads from the upper deck to the lower deck where behind the giant glass facade you can see 2 large liquid hydrogen tanks.

It is known that Bill Gates Buy is actively interested in alternative fuels and technologies to reduce emissions. He is even an investor in the American start-up Heliogen, which is developing technology to convert sunlight into fuel.

Earlier, many media reported that Gates liked the Aqua concept from Sinot Yacht Architecture&Design and ordered it for $645 million.