Marketing is an important component of a business that a successful entrepreneur must understand. Marketing allows you to minimize unforeseen risks and develop an effective action plan. Marketing is indispensable for every businessman who wants to expand the scope of activities abroad.

Our company such experience, we have helped enterprises from a wide variety of industries to take root in the Japanese market, so be sure that with Join Japan support you will get the clearest picture of your business in Japan.

Japan shares the fundamental values ​​of foreign business. Regardless of the scope of your business, we will:

  • analyze your needs
  • determine the tasks and budget for their implementation,
  • provide the services of the necessary specialists,
  • expand the distribution channels of products, – engage in promotion, as well as provide other necessary services, such as:
  1. Business support in Japan
  • organization and support during business trips (including negotiations, business trips, conferences, exhibitions)
  • visa support
  • company registration, office selection, staff recruitment
  • interpretation and translation services (Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese, English, etc.)

2. Japanese market research and business strategy development

  • business trends
  • business models with potential success
  • competitor identification
  • target audience identification
  • selection of Japanese partners
  • investment advice
  • legal advice

3. Japanese product pricing and brand building

  • pricing based on Japan’s pricing policy
  • creation of unique trading sites
  • formation of a content strategy (WEB-sites, development, and creation of photo and video content, copywriting)
  • recent trends, monitoring of new social media
  • creating a sales funnel

4. Promotion in the Japanese market

  • assistance in conducting PR campaigns, counseling
  • training in the proper use of the 4 directions the media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines)
  • help in choosing the right digital media and conducting an advertising campaign (Line, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • SEO optimization in Japanese
  • contextual advertising in Japanese
  • assistance in cooperation with influential people and celebrities of Japan and the whole world
  • development and creation of promotions
  • planning and organizing castings
  • planning and organization of business events
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