Ukrainian startup Mosquito created an innovative mosquito trap


Ukrainian startup Mosquito created an innovative mosquito trap

Ukrainian startup Mosquito created an innovative mosquito trap

According to Join Japan, 438,000 people died from mosquito-borne malaria in one year. Also, mosquitoes carry the Zeke virus and other diseases.

The development team from Ukraine has come up with a way to destroy mosquitoes naturally. It is literally a SEMCS (Smart Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control System) mosquito trap, which is installed in their habitats. In the future, the trap can be set up for other pests as well.

How does it work?

Mosquito traps imitate a living thing - they use natural attractions, CO2 and heat. The mosquito female flies to the trap, reacting to the wavelength of light and the carbon dioxide that is produced by living creatures. The insects baited by the bait are sucked by the airflow and they get into a special mesh storage device.

The developers note, "Mosquitoes are part of the ecosystem. It is a food for fish, for frogs. You can't destroy it everywhere." Their gadget fights mosquitoes without chemistry and within a trap radius of up to 1 acre. This creates a safe ecosystem in places where humans are present all the time. At the same time, without a negative impact on the ecosystem as a whole.

From 7 to 10 January 2020, the Satrap presented its work in Las Vegas at the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition CES 2020. The selection among more than 50 projects was completed back in October last year. Under the terms of the co-organizer of the UVCA selection, the winners get a place at the exhibition, free stand branding, organizational and media support, as well as mentoring.

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