Ukraine increases the production of phosphate fertilizers


Ukraine increases the production of phosphate fertilizers

Ukraine increases the production of phosphate fertilizers

Sergey Ruban, CCO of BLAU Chem, said that in 2020, the production of rare complex fertilizers would be launched in Zhytomyr. Estimated production volume is 10-15 tons per month.

Join Japan has long been following the development of UTK's international group of companies, which includes BLAU Chem. UTK successfully operates in the American and Japanese markets, produces rare water-soluble fertilizers of the latest generation according to a unique recipe.

Production equipment has already been delivered from the USA, work is underway on its installation and debugging. BLAU Chem plants are already operating in Berdyansk, it is planned to open workshops in Vinnytsia, Kharkiv, Kirovograd region. The total volume of fertilizers planned for production is 250-350 tons per year.

All BLAU Chem plants are built using American technology. Only automated technologies are used. The cost of staff is minimal. In fact, these are only operators and controllers.

What do you think this gives the end consumer? Of course, an affordable product. Now Ukrainian farms and farmers will be able to buy inexpensive, high-quality fertilizer.

Join Japan confirms the high efficiency of production automation to reduce production costs: in Japan, more and more enterprises are switching to this standard, significantly increasing the demand for their products.

After the embargo on Russian fertilizers was introduced and the situation in the work of farms became more complicated, they all faced a severe need to save. Sergey Ruban believes that BLAU Chem fertilizers will completely solve the problem of lack of resources. According to his forecasts, by 2022, the use of fertilizers made using new technologies will increase 10 times and reach 200-300 tons per year.

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