Ukraine and its powerful IT: startup Medussa


Ukraine and its powerful IT: startup Medussa and its telemedicine technologies

Ukraine and its powerful IT: startup Medussa and its telemedicine technologies

Telework technologies have become very important recently during the global pandemic. We can see rapid development of technologies that enable working from home, remote communication and education, the number of users increasing. In addition, not being able to go out, people start seeking for new medical solutions, such as telemedicine.

Join Japan has just discovered an amazing Ukrainian telemedicine startup, and we would like to specially introduce it to our readers.

Get diagnosed without leaving  your home!

“Medussa is an online telecommunication system aimed at the development of modern technologies in the medical field,” commented startup CEO and co-founder Dmitry Kovganych. Medussa’s online platform allows patients to consult online with professional doctors all around the world using their smartphones, personal medical devices, developed by Medussa and unique diagnostic models. From now you don’t have to wait in queue at the hospital! 

Online medical treatment allows you to receive regular consultation from your doctor at home or at work through the Internet.

Medussa’s startup consists of three main parts - the lineup of medical devices (remote endoscope, remote stethoscope, one-click connection), an online web application and its talented development team. 

Medussa’s diagnostic model is based on IoT. It enables online consultation and distance health check-up.

This startup is a perfect medical solution for your parents and grandparents who might need medical care everyday. Moreover, it has a remote pediatric online system for your children. Now when your parents are not feeling well or your child has a fever, you don’t have to worry about whether an ambulance can come quickly despite traffic congestion. All you need to do is access Medussa’s online app. Medussa is a first home medical device that helps you to be in touch with your family doctors, to get your personal diet and physical activity training, it will remind you to take pills.

Join Japan is convinced that Medussa, which provides online medical services all around the globe 24/7, is a very promising startup that connects patients and doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, public and private hospitals. Medussa is an innovative technology that meets the needs of modern society and is sure to succeed in the world in the future!

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