"Let's meet again in Tokyo" Ukrainian bronze medalists and their impressions of Japan


"Let's meet again in Tokyo" Ukrainian bronze medalists and their impressions of Japan

Aleksiiva Maryna and Vladyslava, bronze medalists of the Tokyo Olympics in artistic swimming, were surprized by the amount of support messages from Japanese people on Instagram. Join Japan decided to take an interview of twins about their impressions of Japan.

JJ Reporter: What were you doing in the Olympic Village?
Maryna: Most of the time we were busy practicing and didn't have much time to explore the Olympic Village. However, we got two days off after the competition was over. So we took this opportunity and went to various places in the Olympic Village - beauty salon, massage salon, souvenir shops. We bought a lot of magnets, toys of the Olympic mascot, and T-shirts. Of course, we also took a walk on the seaside.

And all the volunteers in the Olympic Village were very kind and nice people, helped us a lot.

JJ reporter: Did you manage to talk to players from other countries?

Maryna: I know some players from other countries since Junior times, and this time we met and talked too. As for Japanese artistic swimming team, they are good rivals and at the same time good friends of our team. During Tokyo Olympics, Japanese athletes lived too far away, so there weren't many opportunities to interact with them. However, before the competition, we exchanged messages of support and wishes to win. We were rivals, but I am extremely glad we could maintain such a wonderful relationship!

JJ Reporter: If you could go back in time, would you change anything or improve anything in your performance?

Vladyslava: Certainly not. Having been preparing for a long time, the team showed their maximum at the Olympics. I am very grateful that the performance of the team has been so highly evaluated! I will do my best to improve this result!

JJ Reporter: What was your impression after talking to President Zelensky?

Marina: If an average Ukrainian like me works hard, they can receive such a big honour as Princess Olha's medal. It is a really nice thing I like about Ukraine. It's a great honor, so I'm very grateful and this motivated me to work harder.

*Princess Olha's medal is a medal awarded to women who have contributed in the fields of state building, science, education, culture, charity and other social activities.

JJ reporter: What are your plans for the future?

Vladislawa: First of all, take a good rest. The new season will begin on September 8th and we need to prepare for the National Trial on May 22nd, 2022. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Tokyo again!

I want to go to Japan again. Especially, I want to see beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

JJ Reporter: Marina and Vladyslava, you have been practicing and traveling together all the time. What about your sister relationship?

Marina: We are very close. It's always fun to hang out together.

JJ reporter: Recently, your Instagram accounts have become famous among Japanese people.

Marina: Yes! Thank you kindly for so many comments in English and Japanese! I feel the support from Japan at the same level as from Ukraine!