Grammarly. Ukrainian IT-company with 20 million users worldwide


Grammarly. Ukrainian IT-company with 20 million users worldwide

Grammarly. Ukrainian IT-company with 20 million users worldwide

Grammarly is a Ukrainian English grammar verification startup, that raised about $ 200 million of investment funds, and was recently valued at $1 billion.

This made Grammarly the first Ukrainian unicorn (companies whose market value is rapidly skyrocketing to a billion dollars and more). Join Japan recommends to get acquainted with an ambitious IT company and its success story. It is very interesting after all!

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an intelligent online English grammar proofing service based on artificial intelligence technology. The company was created in 2009 by Ukrainians Maxim Litvin, Alexei Shevchenko and Dmitry Leader, and became profitable in 2011. In the same year, Brad Hoover, who is still the CEO of Grammarly, joined the team.

Today Grammarly has 3 offices: in Kiev, New York and the main one - in San Francisco. According to Join Japan, 20 million people and 2,000 institutions worldwide use the English grammar proofing service.

How did it all start?

Alexey Shevchenko and Maxim Litvin studied at the English-speaking International Christian University, where they met in the late 90s. Many students downloaded homework and coursework from the Internet for a good grade. But tools for checking texts for plagiarism did not exist. The third co-founder, Dmitry Leader, joined the team. And the guys decided to create their own anti-plagiarism tool, which they called MyDropbox. A few years later, MyDropBox joined the Blackboard Developer Network, but Alexey Shevchenko, Maxim Litvin and Dmitry Leader still had many interesting ideas.

Judging by the experience with the previous project, we knew that even native-speaking students in the States have big problems with writing literacy. We came up with an idea to create a service that would help them write better in English, ” says Dmitry Leader. At first, the service was oriented for the educational market and was called Sentenceworks. Then it received the name change to EssayRater, and in the spring of 2010 - Grammarly.

“We realized that we can make a tool that would be useful to anyone who writes English on the Internet, and decided to move towards the mass market, starting with improving grammar checking,” says Dmitry Leader.
Grammarly supports a free version and a paid Premium one with additional functionality. Premium works in Microsoft Word, and also allows you to install plugins for browsers. In Premium there are 250+ text verification rules, the ability to analyze 30 writing styles and determine the tone of the letter. The cost of a monthly subscription is $30.

We believe that the Grammarly service is not just an English grammar check. Using it you can improve the quality of communication in the modern world and help people to communicate effectively. And in the prospect, perhaps, the automations.