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Join Japan” is a project that will help you get closer to Japan. If you came to us, you probably already know that Japan is not the simplest market in terms of building cooperation. Our project “Join Japan” is ready to help you build a business with Japan. Our goal is to build close relationships with Japanese businesses to provide you with new opportunities for success!

For more than 15 years Join Japan has been professionally engaged in establishing business relations between Japanese and foreign entrepreneurs. If you are interested in how to open a company in Japan, what business is booming in Japan, how to prepare for negotiations and conduct them successfully, our experts are ready to help you.

About the company

If you are our client you will know:

  • what business is relevant in Japan now;
  • how to identify promising sectors for investment;
  • how to open a small business in Japan ;
  • how to negotiate with the Japanese side;
  • how to find a Japanese investor for business;
  • how to open a branch in Japan ;
  • what subtleties of etiquette you should know;
  • how to do business in Japan;
  • how to organize a Japanese business and minimize risks;
  • How to find a reliable business partner in Japan;
  • the main nuances of Japanese law;
  • how to find an intermediary in Japan;
  • how to register your company in Japan;
  • and other business related issues in Japan.

With Join Japan you will learn how to open a business in Japan, avoiding all the difficulties faced by foreigners.

Consulting, support of international business, business tourism, organization of forums.
We freely communicate in Japanese, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Our main tasks

Helping you:

  • get familiar with new goods, services and technologies from Japan
  • cooperate with Japanese companies that plan to expand to the foreign market
  • search for partners in Japan

Provide quality support if:

  • you need a marketing study with any area of the Japanese market
  • you need to reduce the risks of potentially profitable activity with Japan
  • your business is connected with social or political activity
Our projects
About the company

Our team

Mishima Satoshi
Mishima Satoshi Founder

A Japanese businessman with lots of sensational ideas regarding investing in foreign markets and starting a business. For 15 years, Mishima Satoshi successfully implemented many business projects, while focusing on achieving goals in the shortest possible time.

Tanaka Masato
Tanaka Masato Founder

Tanaka Masato holds the position of business consultant for one of the largest enterprises. He is also the youngest member of the HIS travel agency, which is famous for the fact that among all Japanese companies it has the largest number of branches around the world – more than 300.

Roman Khramov
Roman Khramov Cofounder

Roman Khramov has been making an undeniable contribution to Join Japan for more than 10 years. Roman is a professional who is energetic and attentive in creating a profitable business.

Higashida Hideo
Higashida Hideo Cofounder

Touda Hideo is involved in various fields that require special skills, and has many useful connections. He manages projects for small and medium-sized enterprises, perfectly applying the ability to adapt to regional customs and competently negotiate.

Albert Deguchi
Albert Deguchi Project Manager

Albert is multilingual with excellent command of 6 languages, including English and Japanese. He has experience working at the Embassy of Japan and has been repeatedly invited to summit meetings.

Over the 16 years of working as an HR manager, he has learned to accurately understand human psychology, so you can be sure: business communication is his strong side! In addition, Albert is well versed in the Japanese economy and market.

He even starred for Japanese television! Friendly and walking through life with a smile, Albert will certainly lead your business to success!

Vitalii Zhygalko
Vitalii Zhygalko Project Manager

Having 15 years of experience working with Japanese entrepreneurs, Vitalii expertly conducts business with trading companies of the Land of the Rising Sun. He knows how to prevent misunderstanding between business partners, taking into account the particular entrepreneurial etiquette of each of the parties. Vitalii is not afraid of difficulties, and therefore he is more than anyone ready to provide quality support to your business.

Alyona Kindrat
Alyona Kindrat Project Manager

Alyona is an outstanding specialist in the field of personnel management, managing projects of JICA, as well as events related to Japanese culture. Managing projects, Alena often works directly with Japanese companies. She perfectly understands the thinking and business etiquette of Japanese entrepreneurs, and accordingly, she is able to quickly establish contact between Japanese and foreign partners.

Volodymyr Koshliak
Volodymyr Koshliak Manager

After studying in Japan for more than 4 years, he managed to try himself in a variety of working sectors, and now he is able to teach any foreign enterprise the Japanese style of doing business. In the process of working, he aims to think through every single detail in order to satisfy customers’ requests. His goal is to increase the number of enterprises that have established contact with Japan.

Eugenia Novikova
Eugenia Novikova Manager

Nominated for a scholarship from the Government of Japan for the internship at Osaka Imperial University. Eugenia has demonstrated her skills in a JICA’s civil engineering project. She also collaborates with Japanese media, coordinating the TV programs shooting, being involved in more than 20 cultural and business projects in different countries. Dedication and rich imagination are the qualities which enable Eugenia to offer clients the best success strategy.

Yelyzaveta Biriukova
Yelyzaveta Biriukova Manager

The Japanese Speech Contest winner.
Actively studies and preaches the thinking style, system of values and business practices of the Japanese.
Yelyzaveta is a reputable translator who participated in the JICA and Central Consultant projects.
As for the introduction of Japanese business in the world community, she has no equal.

How does your business succeed in Japan?

How does your business succeed in Japan?
How does your business succeed in Japan?

Based on your experience in supporting Join Japan customers, what are the characteristics of enterprises successfully cooperating with Japan?


23 years ago, for 7 years I worked at the Ukrainian embassy in Japan, and I can say that in general, the Japanese conduct business very carefully and thoughtfully, they rarely make decisions in a short period of time.


I have experience working in a Japanese trading company, and I agree that the Japanese devote a lot of time to collective discussions before making a decision. On the one hand, such caution seems reasonable, but at the same time it seems that they are rather slow.


In other words, we can conclude that when working with Japanese companies it is important to act gradually, measuredly and without the unnecessary haste.


After working for 7 years at the embassy, ​​I took up the advice of foreign IT companies wishing to enter the Japanese market. As an example, I was headhunting Japanese CEOs for Silicon Valley IT firms. From experience, I can say that the interaction between the IT industries in Japan and abroad has progressed quite quickly and successfully.


Agree with you. I have also had to work many times to develop relations between foreign start-up companies and foundations, as well as investors from Japan.


However, in 2017, the situation changed, and there were more cases when foreign funds and companies allocated funds for the implementation of goods, technologies, and food products made in Japan.


I agree. It seems that interest in products made in Japan has appeared quite recently. Foreigners are increasingly investing in food, restaurant business and the production of alcohol in the Land of the Rising Sun.


Goods and foodstuffs produced in the Japanese hinterland are presented to foreigners as something completely new, in connection with which Japanese products are often purchased in large quantities.

Moreover, more and more foreigners are trying to export organics from Japan.


Recently, Japan has been accepting more and more foreign tourists who are interested not only in Tokyo and Kyoto, but also in other regions. In addition, the national cuisine of the country of centenarians continues to attract connoisseurs from around the world.


Thanks to the development of social networks and a YouTube video platform, it becomes possible to convey the charm of provincial life to the masses, which is an undeniable plus.


Depopulation served as an incentive for Japan to actively develop business relations with other countries.


Fascinated by Japanese products, foreigners and Japanese aspiring to the development of foreign business complement each other perfectly, and in recent years there have been more and more examples of their interaction.


It is nice to see that recently more and more foreign companies that have only recently discovered the attractiveness of Japan are already finding business partners not only among large IT enterprises, but also among manufacturers that have long been engaged in crafts in the provincial regions of the country.


Let us make every effort to ensure that overseas enterprises join Japan with Join Japan!


Definitely! ♪♪♪

Vitalii, Alyona, Mishima

Our policy

By entering international markets, in particular uncharted trade territories (the so-called “blue ocean” territories), we seek to deepen relations with regional institutions and organizations, while adhering to the laws and regulations of each country and maintaining trade transparency.

Our task is to demonstrate the technologies, goods, and services of the CIS countries to Japan, and for this purpose we in every possible way support companies engaged in Japanese expansion, successfully assisting in the implementation of their projects. 

During business transactions between partners from different countries, there are often misunderstandings due to cultural differences and different rules of business etiquette. Lack of experience in conducting international trade often leads to confusion and loss of control over the situation.

In regions where Japanese firms have a rather weak sphere of influence, there are many enterprises that do not even consider cooperation with a foreign market.

At first glance, it may seem that these are precautionary measures taken to reduce the risks of failure, but it is the fear of competition and loss to the opponent that prevents such enterprises from developing properly in the international trade arena. Moreover, in such situations, it is the pioneer firms that make the most profit.

For more than 15 years of work, the Join Japan team has managed to work with more than 300 companies, exchanging knowledge and reaching new heights. Based on our experience, we try to develop a business plan that suggests the idea that “failure almost always means a retreat”. Thus, we consider it necessary to think over the strategy in detail even at the stage when it is possible to prevent an undesirable outcome, and in no case, we concentrate on the possibility of failure.

Our firm does its job responsibly, going deeper into the task at hand and the desired outcome, thus helping to choose the most favorable direction for Japanese expansion and finding investors.


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