How to become an Ambassador of Japan?

How to become an Ambassador of Japan?

How to become an Ambassador of Japan?

Join Japan is a bridge which enables entrepreneurs from Japan to interact with businessmen from around the world.

The main activity of the project is providing business consultations and strengthening of cooperation between the government and higher education institutions. In order to keep up with the times, we strive to create a universal trading corporation.

By working with Join Japan, you get the opportunity to be a leader, a mentor who will be able to support businessmen who have arrived from Japan as well as to lead companies wishing to cooperate with the Japanese in your country.

Join Japan’s mission is consulting for opening up new business opportunities between Japanese and customers from all over the world and optimize the business process.

How to become a part of a team?

 We are searching for workers, who have:

  • Ability to translate into English, Japanese and local languages
  • Ability to provide marketing and consulting services at a local level
  • Liaison with local companies and government

You can receive more detailed information in person.

Our advantages

  • In case you have no experience in working with the Japanese market, our Japanese colleagues will help you successfully interact with a company that wants to enter the market;
  • We will teach you how to use your abilities to sell marketing and consulting services more efficiently;
  • Join Japan is a bridge that connects you with businessmen from all over the world!

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