The largest skyscraper made of wood will build in Tokyo


The largest skyscraper made of wood will build in Tokyo

The largest skyscraper made of wood will build in Tokyo

Turn the center of Tokyo into a forest park? Easy. Japanese architects have developed the project of the highest wooden skyscraper in the world - with a height of 70 floors or 350 meters!

The construction company Sumitomo Forestry which will implement this project is a major global supplier of high quality wood. They plan to complete the project by 2041. So Sumitomo Forestry wants to celebrate the 350 th anniversary of its founding.

When the Join Japan team found out about this, we were slightly surprised and very enthusiastic. After all, we are also involved into the innovation projects in Japan, Ukraine and other countries.

For Japan, wood is an ideal building material: it’s easily accessible, environmentally friendly, easy to process and suitable for seismic areas. The wood absorbs seismic shocks. While concrete is not flexible and more easily destroyed by an earthquake.

What will be the 70-story log skyscraper in Tokyo center?

According to the company statement, the building with the name W350 will be built from 180,000 cubic meters of wood and only 10% of its mass will be in steel structures. A metal frame 350 meters high will be earthquake-resistant thanks to diagonal extensions.

The W350 will have about 8,000 apartments, as well as offices, a hotel and shops. Along the perimeter of the building provide balconies with gardens and vegetable gardens. Large public spaces and a pool will implement on the roof. Lighting is provided by sunlight.

The project will cost about 600 billion yen (almost $ 5.6 billion), which is approximately twice the cost of building a steel-concrete skyscraper of identical size.

But Join Japan learned from Sumitomo Forestry that due to the continuous improvement of construction equipment and methods, the costs of this project will be reduced.

“A log skyscraper will help people realize that trees are value. The building is designed to “revive” the wood industry and people's interest in afforestation. Our goal is to “transform the city into a forest” and log skyscrapers covered with green plants will be earthquake-resistant and
fireproof,” said the representative of Sumitomo Forestry Join Japan.

We are confident in the success of the project and are pleased that the new building will improve the environmental situation in Tokyo. After all, each plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, and wood is much more environmentally friendly than concrete.