Toshiba Corporation presents a new method to treat cancer


Toshiba Corporation presents a new method to treat cancer

Toshiba Corporation presents a new method to treat cancer

Join Japan team is constantly following all new developments in the field of oncology treatment. The recent push was achieved by Toshiba in collaboration with the Japanese National Research Institute of Oncology and Tokyo Medical University.

Now it's possible to diagnose 13 cancer types with 99% accuracy by a single drop of blood!

The test is conducted using a chip and a small device developed by Toshiba. You will need a drop of blood and about 2 hours of time for the analysis. The method can be used in the early stages of the disease, which is very important in the successful treatment of oncology.

Join Japan learned that the method itself is based on an assessment of the type and micro-RNA molecule concentration of the cancer cells that circulate in human peripheral blood. Micro-RNA is a part of a cell that carries a number of information about its features and functioning. All cancer cells often have different micro-RNAs and for each type of cancer their concentration in the blood is also different.

“Compared with the methods of other companies, we have an advantage in the degree of accuracy in detecting cancer, the time required for detection, and most importantly in cost. The price will not exceed 20,000 Japanese yen (about $ 185), which is a very low price for such a wide range of detected diseases. It is possible that the device will be used in routine medical examinations, ”said Koji Hashimoto, chief researcher at Toshiba Research Laboratory, with Join Japan.

Large-scale testing of this development will begin in 2020.

Toshiba expects that several years after the completion of the tests, their method will be actively used. And we hope for its success.