Murata Manufacturing Capacitors


Murata Manufacturing Capacitors

Murata Manufacturing Capacitors

Electric capacitors are used in the manufacturing of household appliances all over the world.

There are also capacitors that are used in smartphones and are called “multilayer ceramic capacitors”. Murata has a fairly large share in the production of such capacitors for smartphones - their market share is more than 40%.

One smartphone uses of 800 to 1000 multilayer ceramic capacitors. This is a very important and difficult part in production.

Many smartphone users complain that their devices are running out of power quickly. And as a solution to this issue, Murata Manufacturing introduced a multilayer ceramic capacitor with a size one fifth smaller than conventional capacitors at the end of last year. It would seem like this is possible? But such an ultra-compact invention will be used in new-generation smartphones.

Murata Manufacturing produces all the raw materials and necessary parts independently, and this makes it a leader among other similar companies.

The success of the company in reducing the size of the capacitor has become a widely debated topic among investors, and stock prices continue to rise. Join Japan is looking forward to continued success Murata Manufacturing.