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Join Japan will become your representative in Japan

We specialize in marketing and consulting. Our slogan is “maximize your chances for business”. By constantly establishing close relations with business in Japan, we provide you the opportunity to get new chances for success!


Join Japan has 15 years of experience creating successful business projects - we have over 300 in our account. We are focused on connecting world markets with Japan. In our work, we use innovative marketing strategies and tools aimed at increasing sales. International companies often turn to us with such tasks as reaching the Japanese market, implementation of Japanese technologies in their countries, import and export to Japan. Our team of professionals can easily complete such tasks. If you have a business goal related to the Japanese market, we will help you achieve it. With us, business with Japan is becoming real and affordable.

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The meeting of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the founder of Rakuten Hiroshi Mikitani, organized by Join Japan in 2019

Why Japan?

Why Japan?


Japan is the third country in the world in terms of GDP. There is a common opinion that the markets of Asia and Africa are the most promising. This is a logical assumption, given the pace of economic and demographic development of these regions. The European market, as well as the Japanese market, is considered to be well-established, therefore, the degree of competition and the level of influence of opponents in the field of business and investment is extremely high.

Japan is a state with a surplus of finance.

Japanese enterprises are steadily attracting an incredible amount of cash investments. It is worth noting that the purchasing power of the population is also high.

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About us

We have been working with customers around the world since 2004, the main region of activity in Europe and Japan. Having achieved success in many projects, Join Japan opened offices in Kyiv, Tokyo, Dubai, New York, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Our team offers innovative strategies and tools to enter the Japanese market. Our task is to help clients from the European countries begin cooperation with partners in Japan.

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Our main task is to lead you to the market with a completely new potential and new opportunities, where you can find the necessary product, service, technology or investment.

Founder, Mishima Satoshi

Our advantages

We, Join Japan, focus on the markets of Ukraine and Japan while striving to be the best in marketing and consulting.

{:ru}Результат в приоритете{:}{:en}Result in priority{:}{:ja}結果主義{:}{:ua}Результат в пріоритеті{:}
Result in priority

For us, the result is more important than the process.

{:ru}Не боимся вызовов{:}{:en}Enjoy challenges {:}{:ja}弱音を吐きません {:}{:ua}Не боїмось викликів{:}
Enjoy challenges

The more complex the task, the more satisfaction the process of its implementation brings us.

{:ru}Оперативность в работе {:}{:en}Efficiency of work{:}{:ja}スピード第一 {:}{:ua}Оперативність в роботі{:}
Efficiency of work

We always work at your optimum pace, because we understand how important it is to adhere to deadlines.

{:ru}Новаторский дух{:}{:en}Innovative spirit {:}{:ja}パイオニア精神{:}{:ua}Новаторський дух {:}
Innovative spirit

We always become winners in the niche market of the blue ocean regions.

{:ru}Уникальный подход{:}{:en}Unique approach{:}{:ja}唯一無二{:}{:ua}Унікальний підхід{:}
Unique approach

Innovation and uniqueness are our fundamental values ​​in work.

{:ru}Мы – японцы {:}{:en}We are Japanese{:}{:ja}日本人{:}{:ua}Ми - японці{:}
We are Japanese

So, we are able to effectively use the potential of the Japanese market


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